Fairfield Township 2018 Summer Newsletter

The Fairfield Township Board hosted the 2ND annual Spring Cleanup on April 21st. Approximately 20 residents volunteered their time to help fill a 10 yard dumpster with trash picked up from the roadsides within the township. A delicious luncheon was enjoyed by all upon returning to the township hall. We would like thank all those who participated and extend an invitation to all residents for this annual event.

Our local planning commission is also looking to implement a grass mowing ordinance in the near future. If you are in need of assistance keeping your yard to an acceptable height please contact any township official.

We have also been fielding many calls concerning blight within the township. The county will be addressing these issues in the near future. Please help us to keep our township clean.

The Fairfield Township Planning Commission, after countless hours of research concerning wind energy within the township, made their recommendations to the Fairfield Township Board. The township board passed it as The Fairfield Township official recommendations to the Shiawassee County Planning Commission. After many meetings, considering the input from local units and much discussion, the Shiawassee County Planning Commission passed the amended Wind Ordinance unanimously with a 7-0 vote. Finally after 18 months of research and discussion from experts, wind energy officials, the public and property owners, a compromise was reached. The Amended Shiawassee County Wind Ordinance passed unanimously once again by the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners, 7 votes in favor and 0 opposed to the ordinance as written.

We, the Fairfield Township Board, support the new wind energy ordinance voted on by the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners. We feel it protects the rights and the safety of all residents/taxpayers.

Unfortunately there has been a letter of intent for a referendum on the new wind energy ordinance filed 6/26/18 at the Shiawassee County clerk’s office.

This means that they disagree with the new wind energy ordinance. They have 30 days to get the required number of signatures.

Please feel free to contact Supervisor Zemla @ 989-666-2159 with any questions or concerns.

The township board is also looking into retaining the services of MMR which is an advanced life support ambulance service. Along with that service the Elsie Area Fire Department is very interested in becoming medical first responders and housing two rescue units. While it is difficult to move away from the Elsie Area Ambulance Service (EAAS) we are looking for the best possible care for the residents of Fairfield Township, as well as Chapin and Duplain townships. Much research is being done including response time, advanced life support vs. basic life support, age of vehicles and equipment, level of training for medical personal and above all is the quality of care for our residents and our neighbors. All personnel residing in the coverage area, currently employed with EAAS, would be offered a position with the new Elsie Area Fire and Rescue Service. The township would be able to retain these services at a substantial savings to the taxpayers of Fairfield Township. This is not a new ambulatory care system at all; it has been implemented around the state and the country and has been for many years. There are actually very few basic life support ambulance services still in operation. Please attend the township meetings or contact any township official with your thoughts, opinions and concerns on any matter.

Thank you all and have a great summer!


Richard Zemla Jr

Fairfield Township Supervisor